C1 Training Event 16-20 May 2022 - Burgh - Haamstede (The Netherlands)


5-days training event

Hosted by our Dutch partner –  Pro Work Foundation – the 5 days training event took place in middle May.

The purpose of the training was to provide 28 VET educators with skills allowing them to know and understand issues around working with young NEETs, as well as to discover non-formal educational approaches and learn how to set up community entrepreneurial hubs for young people.


28 european trainers

Back in their countries, the trainers’ mission is to deliver this knowledge to 280 young beneficiaries across the partnership.

Each partner has prepared presentations and activities covering the following topics: communication, confidence building, working with NEETs and developing hubs. In the last 2 days, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in a social economy workshop and become familiar with the digital toolkit.