Entrepreneurial Thinking

 What is the goal of the module?



The goal of the “Entrepreneurial Thinking’ module is to help young people acquire entrepreneurial awareness. With this module, they will get to know the role and meaning of enterprises and entrepreneurship in the world and in their personal lives, they will get an idea of entrepreneurship

This can include awareness of entrepreneurship in their own family, the significance of small social enterprises in their neighbourhood, the value of enterprises for local employment etc.

This module has been designed in order to be delivered with the help of a trainer.

 What are the learning outcomes?

At the end of this module,

  • The learner will acquire more entrepreneurial awareness
  • The learner will get to know the role and meaning of enterprises and  entrepreneurship
  • The learner will be curious towards new possibilities related to entrepreneurship
  • The learner will be motivated to further explore who they are as a person and as an entrepreneur
  • The learner will put themselves in the entrepreneurs’ shoes and see how that role could fit them
  • The learner will be aware of the civic and social responsibilities of entrepreneurs

 Lesson Plan #1 : What is and what isn’t entrepreneurship?

Aim of the lesson plan:

To create awareness about what entrepreneurship is and what is not and , the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes:

The learners can explain the meaning and the basics of entrepreneurship, and they can express their entrepreneurial skill levels


3 activities = 70 minutes

 Lesson Plan #2 : Using EntreComp Framework

Aim of the lesson plan:

To introduce EntreComp Framework and show examples of the proper usage of it.

Learning Outcomes:

Learners can describe the emergence and parts of the EntreComp Framework and analyze how the framework can be used.


3 activities = 95 minutes 

 Lesson Plan #3 : Generating an idea

Aim of the lesson plan:

To develop an entrepreneurial idea by making use of various sources.

Learning Outcomes:

Learners can develop an idea of their own by evaluating it in terms of entrepreneurial characteristics and skills.


3 activities = 120 minutes