Welcome to the Digital Toolkit!

This tool was developed within the ENTREPVET project and dedicated to the development of Entrepreneurial skills and mindset!  

The toolkit is divided in 7 modules, with one of which only dedicated to trainers.

The learning path together with the repository and the assessment tool will allow you to get a better sense of what it means to be an entrepreneur, increase soft entrepreneurial skills and allow you to train to create on concrete business model out of an idea. In each module will include the aim of the module, the learning goals and three lesson plans that can be used to increase specific skills.

Each lesson plan can be used by young people by themselves or with the support of a trainer.


Ready to start?



This introductory module is composed of a video explanation of the modules and lesson plans and of some lesson plans dedicated to social skills 

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Module for Trainers

The goal of the “Working with NEETs’ module is to help trainers understand how to work with young people in the so-called “NEETs” category.  This module is intended to provide the trainers the knowledge needed to create content for NEETs and more so, to provide them with the best practices  and notions necessary (internship, stages, apprenticeship, volunteering). 

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The goal of the “Entrepreneurial Thinking’ module is to help young people acquire entrepreneurial awareness. With this module, they will get to know the role and meaning of enterprises and entrepreneurship in the world and in their personal lives, they will get an idea of entrepreneurship.

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The goal of the “Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship’ module is to provide young people with the basi notions regarding cybersecurity, use of social media and the visual branding, all connected to setting up a business. 

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The goal of the ‘Communication’ module is to help young people understand the importance of Communication in their everyday life and in their entrepreneurial path. Understanding how to properly communicate can help them in the discovery of their talents; it can enable young people to develop more self-awareness regarding them and the world and to create their own communication strategy.

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The goal of the ‘Confidence Building Motivation’ module is to help young people boost their confidence and to help them stay motivated in their everyday life and in their entrepreneurial path. This module wants to enable young people to develop more self-awareness, more motivation and to see themselves as entrepreneurs.

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The goal of this module is to help young people put into practice their entrepreneurial idea. Young people will try to think like an entrepreneur and develop an idea starting from the Business Model Canva. 

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